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Asentria SiteBoss appliances manage power, security, and environmental systems at cell tower or other telecommunication sites. The SiteBoss enables automation to extend site life during crisis conditions, and to reduce energy, maintenance, service costs, and environmental impact.

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The SiteBoss is more than an RTU.  The SiteBoss appliance is a powerful Linux-based Telecom Site Automation tool which combines sophisticated built-in applications to manage and in some cases automate power, security, and environmental related tasks and more, along with customized apps which can be leveraged to do many different simple or advanced autonomous tasks, all of which can help to improve the efficiency and resilience of telecom sites and networks.

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⏲️🔋🗼 Your remote site's power is down, your nearest technician is 4-6 drive hours there a better way to handle these situations? #offgrid #telecom #towertech

[🆕 CASE STUDY] Learn more here 👉:

📅🤝 Get your agenda ready and schedule a meeting with us at tX Meetup Americas on 9-10 July 2019! #txmeetupamericas #telecom #towerco #txmeetupamericas

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📡🗼 Mountaintops are difficult-to-reach sites locations that can make monitoring and service visits highly expensive. Learn more about automation cost-efficient solutions. #offgrid #telecom #towertech

[🆕 CASE STUDY] Read it here 👉:

📅 📶🗼 The UTC-day has arrived! Let's meet and discuss #telecom and #towerco at the @UTCNow event in Fort Worth, TX! We are waiting for you at booth no. 937! #UTCTNT2019 #towertech

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[CASE STUDY] Increasing visibility of conditions at remote cell sites can be extremely challenging. Check it now and learn how to overcome obstacles. #offgrid #telecom #towertech 📶🗼 👉:

It's getting closer! This week we are exhibiting at the @UTCNow event in Fort Worth, TX! #UTCTNT2019 #towertech #telecom #towerco
More details 👉:

🤝📶 Great news! Next week on June 19-20, we are exhibiting at the @UTCNow event in Fort Worth, TX! Come and meet us at booth no. 937! We look forward to discuss any #towerco and #telecom questions you may have. #UTCTNT2019 #towertech

More details 👉:

After implementing #telecom site automation solutions, the frequency of on-site service visits drops significantly thanks to remote monitoring and controlling. #mobilenetwork #wirelessnetwork #towertech 📡👷‍♂️

[🆕 blog article] Read it here 👉:

Energy costs account for 30% of #network operating costs for a MNO. Improve ↗️ your #energy efficiency levels through upgrades of the fuel management system! 📡📶 #telecom #towertech #artificialintelligence

📶🗼 Congrats @edotcoGroup for targetting carbon neutrality for all sites built in 2019. #WirelessWednesday #mobilenetwork #greentelecom🌱

🌩️🌪️ When hurricanes strike, power outages can cause problems at cell sites ➡️ you need to turn on backup generators. With telecom site automation solutions, you can do that remotely. #mobilenetwork #towertech🗼⚡

[🆕 blog article] Read it here 👉:

Looking forward for our next @TowerXchange event this year! Who are we going to meet at tX Meetup Americas on 9-10 July 2019? 🤝📶 #txmeetupamericas #telecom #towerco

Check the agenda :

During critical weather events like hurricanes 🌪️, having resilient and efficient #telecom networks is crucial. Telecom site automation solutions can do that for you. #mobilenetwork #wirelessnetwork #towertech 🗼⚡

[🆕 blog article] Read it here 👉:

Working with various telecom network operators, we want to share with you our firsthand knowledge in hopes of continuing to improve #telecom site management. #celltowers #mobilenetwork #towertech. Check out our blog article and join the conversation 👇

#WordEnvironmentDay 90% of the #telecom sites worldwide are deployed with diesel generators, resulting in large amounts of GHG emissions. Telecom site automation solutions can be used to reduce the #environmental impact #greentelecom 📶🌱Get more info 👉

According to the @MarketStudyR's latest report, the global #AI in #telecommunication market, it is expected to grow at a CAGR of 49.8% between 2019 and 2024. #WirelessWednesday #telecom #artifficialintelligence #IoT #automation

Let's take a walk together down memory lane to see how it all started with a revolutionary idea more than 30 years ago. #telecom #Towers #offgrid
#celltower #mobilenetwork #wirelessnetwork #towertech 📡 📶

[🆕 blog article] Read it here 👉:

#TelecomTowers Market 2019- By Services, Structures, Top Companies Analysis, Statistics, Emerging Trends, and Business Opportunities till 2022 @

From 1G delivering analog voice to 4G bringing high speeds and true mobile internet, the possibilities are endless for what applications #5G will bring.

[New] blog article on The Telecom Site Automation Blog
#Telecom #towers #ArtificialIntelliegnce #IOT #mobilenetwork #Innovations #HurricaneSeason
Read it here: 👉

Start/Stop the generator, control modules for fuel level, oil temp, battery voltage, coolant level
📶⚡ get more info ➥ !
#Telecom #towers #ArtificialIntelliegnce #IOT #mobilenetwork #Innovations #HurricaneSeason

With hurricane season quickly approaching, our #SprintNetwork team has been working tirelessly to prepare. The improvements are outstanding – keep up the good work!

The Inside Towers Spring Showcase is here! Thanks to our featured companies: @SaulEwing, @1Wirelesssupply, @SitetrackerInc, Enertech Resources, @Petzl, @Safety_LMS, @STEALTHsite, @LBAGroup, @RLSCMC, and Towercap. Read it today:

We're thinking of the community in Dayton, Ohio. We have a relief truck on hand in the local area. T-Mobile customers can also donate $10 to the American Red Cross to support disaster relief efforts by texting “REDCROSS” to 90999. Msg/data rates may apply. More info:

Global #Telecom #Tower Market was valued at $39.47 Billion in 2018 and is projected to growing at a CAGR of 14.54% until 2026. Check out the report published by @vmrresearch. #WirelessWednesday

The world’s largest towerco is China Tower Corp. It has a near monopoly on China’s mobile infrastructure, claiming almost 1.97 million sites nationwide at the end of March 2019, accounting for 3.08 million tenancy agreements.

With remote power systems management, you can extend a Telecom site life by shutting-off DC circuits when the AC power is lost. Learn more about our #telecom site #automation solutions. #TechTuesday #Tower

Tower Executive Roundtable in session. Speaking points: Tmoblie/Sprint potential merger, #macros tower sites, #smallcells, #fiber, #millimeterwaves, and the #5G rollout. #WirelessNetwork #Deployment #technology #workforcedev #ConnectivityExpo #CONNUS19 #ConnectX19

Thanks @SwissCognitive @jeffkagan @LuisEscobarsr1 @AxionTeleco @PatriotPowerCom , for joining @Asentria's Twitter community!

Our hearts go out to those affected by the Missouri Tornado. We're dispatching a relief truck in the area this week to provide assistance. More updates here:

We are on a mission to help Mobile Network Operators and TowerCos reduce their costs #towertech #ArtificialIntelligence #IoT #Automation #offgrid #telecom #Towers #mobilenetwork

How is energy efficiency reducing emissions? Read the article: #Towers #Telecoms #Business #Africa #SouthAfrica #TXMeetupAfrica

Great article from @rcrwirelessnews on @boingo's Network Operations Center (aka the "NOC"). It's the nerve center behind millions of cellular and #WiFi connections all over the globe. I feel smarter just standing inside it.
Inside the Boingo Wireless NOC

If you want ultra-fast 5G in your neighborhood, let your lawmakers know!
#5G #wireless #connectivity #community #future #revolution

Interesting #report released by High Street Global Advisors showing that the #telecom #towers market is driven by the 5G evolution. #WirelessWednesday #wirelessnetwork

Remote generator management can provide real time fuel tank level and send alerts when needed. Read more about #telecom site #automation solutions #TechTuesday #Towers

#Cellnex announced this week an agreement to acquire and deploy c.15,000 sites in #France #Italy and #Switzerland – an investment over € 4 billion #keepgrowing

5G builds are underway. Thank you to America’s tower climbers!

One provider has 350,000 towers across the U.S., and it now expects to grow that number to 1 million in the next four years.

Thanks @sean_dundon, @DrJarvelainen, @LOMBARDI_GLORIA, @Empirix, @stevecarender, @Towerstream, @NWSAcredentials @CellTowerLeases for following @Asentria !

Telemanagement Solutions enable providers of critical communications infrastructure to more efficiently and reliably run their networks. Learn more about our products here. #TechTuesday #TowerTuesday

Remote site monitoring helps #telecom #tower companies reduce their overall costs. Learn more about Telecom site automation products here #TechTuesday #TowerTuesday

Tower Talks is the #wireless infrastructure industry's #podcast and has already featured @BrendanCarrFCC, @NATEsafety's Todd Schlekeway, @WellsFargo's Jennifer Frtizsche and Vertical Bridge's Alex Gellman. Subscribe on #Spotify or #iTunes today:

A new market study released by @amareport shows that the the Global #Telecom #Towers #Market is expected to witness a huge growth rate of 16.76% by 2024. Read more here #WirelessWednesday

Are you interested in learning how #telecom site automation works in practice? This case study includes some real-life examples. Download here #TechTuesday #TowerTuesday

Global #Telecom #Tower Market is estimated to reach US$ 146.53 Billion by 2025. Read more interesting forecasts in the report published by @TIPMarketTrends. #WirelessWednesday

What tech solutions do #telecom #tower companies use to remotely monitor and control their networks? #TechTuesday #TowerTuesday #towertech

Thanks @SAYMONplatform, @PFilkinsIDC, @MeekersSofia,@partnership_pa, @apacholuk, @telecomcouncil for following us recently!

The #telecom #Towers market is expected to register a CAGR of over 4.56% during the 2019 - 2024 period. Interesting trends and forecasts by @MordorIntel

#TXMeetupEurope was a great opportunity to connect and learn! Are there any @TowerXchange participants on Twitter who've met our team in #London?

The countdown begins! Only 2 days left until #TXMeetupEurope 2019 in #London! Meet us @TowerXchange at Booth #208! See you soon!

Our team is getting ready for #TXMeetupEurope 2019! Come see us @TowerXchange in London to learn more about #telecom #offgrid sites #automation! #towertech

Come meet us @TowerXchange #TXMeetupEurope April 9-10 at Booth #208! We'll be happy to talk about #telecom site #automation for #tower companies! See you in #London!

New Compatible Software Added to NMS Matrix. See NetkaView, SolarWinds and the rest on page 40 of the Product Guide.

New indoor, RoHS, CE certified Motion Sensor. The ESC-MSI2 can be found on page 38 of the new Product Guide.

New 2C3V3M2R Internal Expansion Card for S350. Add 2 Contact, 3 Voltage, (3) 4-20mA, & 2 Relay I/O to an S350 unit.

New BB2 Run-Time Battery. Add a lithium polymer battery backup to an S550, S530, T850, or T830 unit.

The new Telemanagement Product Guide is now available. Stay current on Asentria offerings, download your copy today!

The new Remote Site Product Guide is now available. Stay current on Asentria offerings, download your copy today!

New ESW-RFID2 RFID Reader. A Wiegand powered RFID Reader for any Asentria base unit with a compatible Wiegand card.

New 2W2R Expansion card. Add 2 Wiegand interface w/power & 2 relay outputs to Asentria base unit (for RFID Readers).

New from Asentria: Network Management Software from @intermapper. Licenses, maintenance, & servers now available.

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Our Product Support Portal provides detailed technical information on the operation, applications, and general use of Asentria products.You can browse the subject index of the Support Portal but viewing most of the documents requires that you register (which is very easy to do).  Contact Technical Support any time with technical questions:

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