Case Study – Advanced Remote Telecom Site Automation

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Main Solutions Categories

  • Power Systems Control
  • Generator Management
  • HVAC Control
  • Access Control
  • Site Security
  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Networking Communications
  • Legacy Alarms

Customer at a Glance

  • Industry: Telecom, Utilities, Rail – Single site supporting all these functions
  • Location: North America, Alaska
  • Network size: Single Site

Project at a Glance

  • No of sites: 1
  • Project duration (# of days): 1 year in service
  • Installed products: SiteBoss550
  • Included services: Project Design, Installation & Configuration, Systems Integration
  • Solutions/s: Power System Management, Generator Management, Site Security, and Environment
  • Main Benefit: Site visibility and control to reduce costs.

Case Study Introduction

During the early telecom site design planning in Alaska, the customer knew they wanted to use the SiteBoss device to control the transfer of power sources. With a remote site on a mountain-top, the device enabled all the benefits of a telecom site automation application.

Using the SiteBoss to control the transfer of power sources at the site helps prevent the failure of a site using a single power source. By using multiple power sources, the customer reduced the number of site visits for regular maintenance and saved a significant amount on costs. The mountain-top site also integrated the SiteBoss device with Intermapper, a network management software. The integration allowed for a high degree of visibility of how the site is operating and improved maintenance visits by understanding the specifics of a site issue.

Customer Challenge

The primary problem is difficulty in accessing this site, a mountain-top location in Alaska. The site needed to be designed with the highest level of reliability and redundancy as possible, as the site is accessed by helicopter. Many times the site becomes inaccessible due to poor weather conditions.

Project Objectives

  • Ensure full remote cabinet monitoring and control
  • Provide reboot ability for equipment experiencing problems in remote locations.
  • Provide connectivity to remote sites allowing for out-of-band connectivity should a primary connectivity method fail.


The SiteBoss appliance was integrated with Intermapper software to create a complete automated solution. LUA scripting used in the SiteBoss automatically controls many site functions including starting and selecting one of five available power sources. The customer can track both the total and oil run times and even use the SiteBoss to send notifications when run times have been reached. The site uses redundant wireless routers for connectivity and has deployed two SiteBoss devices on the local LAN for redundant control of critical functions.

Customer Benefits

  • Maximize the reliability of sites.
  • Reduce the quantity and frequency of site visits from 4 visits to 1 visit a year with increased visibility and automated notifications.
  • Aiding a helicopter pilot’s weather observations with extensive monitoring and video capabilities.
  • Decreased the cost spent on a helicopter to access the site’s location.
  • Ability of track over 85 alarm points.


This is a Case Study Summary. A companion Case Study provides more details, screenshots, and insight into a customization.  You can download the PDF for it here:

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