Asentria Releases Two New Hardware Platforms Specifically Designed to Meet Tower Companies Needs

S240 S370 New Hardware

Seattle, WA March 24th, 2022 — Tower companies are taking a larger role in the management of wireless networks worldwide, assuming many operational tasks formerly handled by the world’s mobile network operators.  Asentria is excited to release two new tower site hardware devices, the SiteBoss S370 and S240, designed specifically for the global tower market. When combined with our Asentria Site Manager (ASM) software, these new devices bring the benefits of a towerco-specific IoT solution to the day-to-day towerco operations of remote tower sites.   The S370 is a larger device designed to handle a broad range of site automation needs that might be required at a site, while the S240 is a smaller, cost-optimized device to enable just a couple potential applications at a tower site.

Asentria Corporation is a 30-year-old company specializing in telecom site automation.   Telecom site automation enables a telecom operator to manage Power (e.g., Diesel Generators, Rectifiers, Grid Power, Solar/Hybrid Arrays), Physical Site Security (e.g., Cameras, Door Access Control), and Environment (e.g., HVAC control, Temperature). Asentria has deployed hundreds of thousands of sites on behalf of telecom operators world-wide. The growing role of tower companies in providing towers to operators made it clear that specific telecom site automation products were needed to support the needs of this growing market.   After several years of direct development with tower companies, the SiteBoss S240 and S370 were developed to deliver all the benefits of telecom site automation to the tower market.

asentria siteboss 370
(Image: SiteBoss 370 Side and Top View)
asentria siteboss 240
(Image: SiteBoss 240 Side View)

Many non-telecom specific IoT solutions were trying and failing to offer workable solutions to the tower market. Telecom sites have many specific characteristics, such as power type, form factor, and interface methods, that require a telecom-specific design. Based on our long experience of working in telecom sites, it was clear that the type of best-in-class telecom site automation solutions used by so many telecom operators had not been tailored to meet the needs of the rapidly expanding tower business.  Asentria can now offer an end-to-end towerco solution, including cell tower specific hardware, management software, installation services, and extensive experience in design, manufacturing, and deployment of these systems.

“I’m really excited to add these new tailored devices to our product line-up. These devices are the direct result of our conversations with, and direct trial work done with tower companies worldwide.  We are now able to offer solutions to the tower companies that are the equal of the telecom site automation solutions we’ve provided to mobile network operators for so many years” stated by Jon Baars, Asentria’s Director of Sales & Marketing.

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Asentria provides solutions for mobile network and tower operators to manage power, security, and environmental issues at remote cell sites from their network operations center. Telecom sites are evolving to include many new intelligent subsystem controllers for DC rectifiers, generators, cameras, access controllers, and HVAC. Asentria securely integrates these sub-systems into our hardware-based site controller to present a single interface for management of power, security, and environment at remote sites. Beyond simple alarming, Asentria generates data for comparative site analysis and provides remote access to the underlying systems for OPEX reducing cell site optimization. For more information, visit

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