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As COVID-19 continues to impact us in Seattle and around the world, Asentria wanted to update you on what steps we’ve taken so far to ensure business continuity for all our customers.  In an event like this, the first focus is on the health and safety of our employees, partners, customers, and communities.  Most Asentria employees are able to work from home, and those that can are working remotely until further notice. All business air travel is delayed for now. Asentria manufacturing staff are still working to ship and deliver products for the moment.  Management is closely monitoring to make sure that the workplace follows all CDC recommendations and is safe for employees that are needed to manufacture and deliver products from our Seattle-based facility.  We are following local authorities direction regarding what work can be done by limited staff within our facility, and this direction could change at any time to something more restrictive that would impact our ability to ship products.

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Asentria provides a wide-range of products, and we are still working to understand how slow-downs with our supply chain could affect our ability to ship products.

For customers that have provided orders already, or who are working from detailed forecasts:  Under current conditions, we don’t expect significant slowdowns from currently stated lead times.

For customers that have yet to order:  We would recommend contacting Asentria for estimates of lead times that might be greater than normal.  We estimate that our ability to ship Asentria manufactured products will not be greatly affected.   For some customers, we also supply a wide range of “3rd Party Parts”, which are mostly types of sensors or accessories to our SiteBoss base units.  We are working to better understand the availability of these non-Asentria parts.  Asentria logistics managers have reminded us that ordering products as soon as possible will be helpful for us to make sure that we place orders with our suppliers, so that any delays are minimized.   Stated lead times that are more than several weeks old may have changed.

Lastly, Asentria would like to acknowledge all the people involved in building and operating the telecommunications networks of the world.  From enabling work to continue safely, allowing friends and family to communicate during times of isolation, providing communications for first responders, to providing a means of keeping up-to-date on news and on communications from local authorities.  The importance of these networks and the people who support them have never been more apparent.  Thank you for what you do, and we look forward to seeing all our customers and partners again in the near future!

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