Case Study – Extending Diesel Fuel Levels for 300 Sites in a Middle East Public Safety Network

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Main Solutions Categories

  • Power Systems Control
  • Generator Control
  • Fuel Level Monitoring
  • Site Security
  • Environmental Monitoring

Customer at a Glance

  • Industry: Public Safety Network
  • Location: Middle East
  • Size: Large Public Safety LTE Network

Project at a Glance

  • No of sites: ~300
  • Project duration (# of days): Ongoing
  • Installed products: SiteBoss 550
  • Main Benefit: Increased site life per liter of diesel fuel. Increased visibility at remote sites. Improved time-to-repair.

Case Study Introduction

Public safety networks have somewhat different needs than other networks. Especially in a large region with high temperatures like in the Middle East, network resiliency is a paramount concern. One of the main concerns with country-wide deployment is the fact that some sites can be located in extremely remote and distant locations that can be accessed only with great difficulty. The risk is that in the case of a power loss, it may take some time for a field service team to reach the site which means that implementation of backup power sources is of utmost importance.

Customer challenge

Initially, the client had some minor operational issues with their network and reached out to Asentria for assistance for a quick fix. But as soon as the client realized Asentria’s true potential and capabilities, they decided to expand the project and started asking the team to integrate more of Asentria’s technology devices into their equipment.

Later on, as the client was moving further with their plans of integrating sites in a country-wide deployment, they realized that Asentria offered solutions to problems they didn’t think had a reasonable solution. Some of those sites were in extremely remote and distant locations which meant that in the event of a power loss, the affected site would have to operate on backup power sources as long as possible until a fix could be implemented. A primary concern was then to find new ways to extend the diesel fuel levels at the remote sites.

Project Objectives

  • Extend diesel fuel levels at sites
  • Improve backup power sources
  • Lower operating expenses


The Asentria engineering team worked with the client to integrate generators and as the client’s operator began to better understand the capabilities of the SiteBoss, a new Telecom Site Automation program was outlined and deployed. The SiteBoss was interfaced to the HVAC system, the generator, and the rectifier. When the site was running on the generator, the site operated similarly to when it was on grid power, with all equipment in operation.

However, when the site was running on batteries, the HVAC system would not operate.  In order to fix this other issue, an automation was created so that the SiteBoss would watch the site temperature and battery discharge levels from the DC rectifier. This meant that the site would operate on batteries as long as the state of charge of the batteries was high enough and the temperature was low enough. Otherwise, the generator would run until batteries hit a high state of charge and the site was sufficiently cool. This cycling enabled diesel fuel levels at a remote site to be considerably extended.

Additionally, the SiteBoss control system could intelligently decide when to use the economizer to bring in cooler outside air. At the same time, the remote access helped operations managers and technicians more easily manage their HVAC systems.

Customer benefits

  • Extend site life in cases of primary power loss.
  • Secure remote access to on-site equipment interfaces
  • Remote control and alarming
  • External environmental sensors supplied by Asentria
  • Adjunct engineering from Asentria, integrated solution


This is a Case Study Summary.  A companion Technical Case Study provides substantial technical details as to specifically how the project was accomplished.  You can download load the PDF for that study here:

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