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We have a new website and it includes an ability for us to put forth a site management blog, something we’ve never had before. I’ve been handed the keys to this feature and after 20 years in the telecom site automation industry, I have lots of ideas to share with telecom and tower industry professionals. My name is Jon Baars, and I’ll be one primary contributor to this telecom management blog. Soon I expect we’ll bring on more contributors, particularly people who are expert in particular technical subjects related to telecom site management and automation. First, we have a fair bit of introduction, or re-introduction, to write about before getting into the technical specifics of what we do.

Why We Decided to Start a Telecom Automation Blog

I’ve been mulling over for a long time what are the differences between what Asentria is currently doing for its telecom and mobile network operator customers, and what people might have guessed we’re doing based on our old website. The new website is a much more up-to-date explanation of what we do, and we will start to publish some introductory blog posts to better describe who we are and what we can do for telecom network operators. The new blog gives us a way to handle the situation where we start doing something we believe is broadly interesting and think, “We should tell people about this!”, but haven’t had an easy means to immediately communicate it. I’m looking forward to taking the blog out for a spin.

Telecom site automation is our way to improve performance and reduce the costs of running a telecom network.

The short title we believe best describes what we do today is telecom site automation. Asentria is a 30 year old company, but often when we are talking directly to new potential customers they have no idea that anyone in their industry was doing anything like the type of site automation applications our devices provide. Often we’ve done extensive ongoing work on behalf of telecom operators of well-known and extremely large mobile and wireless networks, with our products being used in thousands or even tens of thousands of sites, but when we have initial conversations with other similar telecom operators they are not aware of even the most basic benefits that these solutions can provide.

This blog is dedicated to all those who have a role in the operations department of a company that is operating the following type of telecom networks:

  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Tower Companies
  • Microwave Radio Site Operators
  • Public Safety Networks

This blog will also feature news on Asentria and upcoming events we’ll attend. As our blog reader, you are important to us, so I highly encourage you to comment and share your opinion on future blog topics. I will be updating our blog to keep you up to date with all new things happening at Asentria as well as regular articles about the telecom industry, so please check back with us for updates!

Take the time to explore our new site, and if you have any questions about the work we do, I’m only a click away!

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