Linux Software Developer

Asentria is a world-leader in developing and supplying Remote Monitoring Systems for remote management and monitoring of communications equipment sites such as cell tower, microwave towers, fiber huts, etc. Asentria's technologies also lean heavily into the large and rapidly growing worldwide M2M market. Asentria remote monitoring hardware is based primarily on a custom Linux application running on top of an embedded Linux OS, leveraging the strong suite of tools and open source projects available for Linux. Asentria products are used by the largest cell operators in the world, here in the US and by many international operators as well.

Asentria is seeking a Linux Software Developer to work with our software and hardware engineering team on all aspects of our embedded OS and product applications.

A strong candidate will have the following qualifications:

  • Strong C Programming experience
  • Linux application development background
  • Creation/modification of Linux drivers
  • Experience implementing communication protocols a plus
  • Experience in networking and security a plus
  • Experience in embedded systems a plus
  • Experience in SQLite a plus

In the course of their work this candidate may be involved in:

  • Access control device management
  • Configuration management
  • SNMP (agent, polling, notification egress/ingress, MIBs, v1, v2c, v3)
  • Event management
  • Security management
  • 3rd Party Integration Modules
  • Job scheduling
  • Software Update Mechanisms
  • Network performance testing
  • Integration
  • Investigate 3rd party systems, see how they work and how to work with them
  • Design/implement/test/document/maintain software to interface with these systems
  • Troubleshooting
  • Serve inquiries from SW Test and Tech Services
  • Writing/Documentation
  • Produce developer documentation that's up-to-date, understandable, unambiguous, and complete
  • Rely on email for communication and record keeping

This is a key position which gets involved in a variety of projects and technologies supporting existing and new products for large customers around the world. Competitive salary and benefits. Fun company. Good people. Great products. Expanding business.

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