Sales Engineer - Entry Level

In its commitment to long-term expansion and enhanced service to customers and the community, Asentria’s standards of employee skills, competence and teamwork are and shall remain among the highest in the field.

The Sales Engineer position has a very wide range of potential duties and assignments. This is a technical position which supports sales by handling pre-sales and post-sales technical tasks which facilitate and service the sale. The Sales Engineer will be assigned to specific sales opportunities along with an Account Executive. The Sales Engineer will have responsibility for successful specification, testing, approval aspects of the sale. A Logistics person may be assigned to handle actual sourcing and delivery issues, otherwise this can fall on the Sales Engineer. Further, given the customer and product experience that the Sales Engineer acquires, a myriad of other tasks may be best suited for assignment to them on a case by case basis. This position DOES involve travel including potentially international travel.

Initial training on Asentria products and interfacing with Asentria customers takes place in our Technical Services and Technical Support department.

Thus, the successful candidate for the position of Sales Support Engineer must:

  • Learn and become expert at the use and technical application of all Asentria and related products;
  • Provide pre-sales and ongoing engineering support in cooperation and coordination with Sales staff;
  • Team with account executives to provide the technical management of assigned sales opportunities;
  • Take technical ownership of specific sales opportunities;
  • Research solutions for specific sales opportunities or for general product portfolio needs, as needed;
  • Assist as needed to handle technical briefings or technical product trials, remotely or at customer sites;
  • Assist as needed to help productize new products, features, and accessories to make them marketable and sellable;
  • Assist as needed to find third party solutions which fit into Asentria’s product portfolio;
  • Assist as needed to help with product testing and product documentation;
  • Assist as needed to help train customers on Asentria products;
  • Assist as needed to provide technical support to customers using Asentria products;
  • Assist in exporting technical product knowledge to technical support and documentation staff;
  • Acquire the ability to do and then actually do programming and scripting tasks as needed and assigned;
  • Provide constructive feedback intended to evaluate and improve functionality so products will best meet customer and market needs;
  • Travel to customer sites as needed for all of the above roles;
  • Demonstrate and utilize a high aptitude and intelligence for fulfilling any technical or customer task assigned;
  • Other technically related tasks as needed to assist the successful marketing, sale, delivery, and use of Asentria products;

By applying:

  • Excellent technical aptitude and technical skills;
  • Good communication skills and customer relation skills;
  • Good organizational skills and follow through of administrative actions;
  • The ability to prioritize tasks and get them done;
  • Positive problem solving and perseverance;
  • The ability to rapidly learn and apply new technologies to successful result;
  • Good general computer and typing skills;
  • High intelligence in the above areas and in general;
  • A fast paced, self-motivated approach to productivity;
  • Good customer skills when customer contact is required;
  • Good technical and general English writing skills;
  • The ability to read, analyze and interpret common technical journals and product specifications;
  • The ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusions;
  • Willingness and ability to be extremely flexible, switch contexts without much trouble, and to manage multiple tasks simultaneously;
  • Excellent typing, spelling, reading, and learning skills;
  • Good organizational and analytical skills;
  • And fluency in English in all the above points;

to the end that Asentria products are optimally technically fitted to customer applications so that sales are optimally facilitating and customers are technically capable of operating Asentria products, with high quality and in volume.

In addition to the technical knowledge, experience and competence required of a Sales Engineer, Asentria employees must also possess personal aptitude to solving problems, high intelligence, perseverance and orderliness, responsibility, drive toward and satisfaction at the attainment of goals, calmness and endurance under stressful conditions, consistency and predictability in the regular attendance to duty, individual initiative as well as participation in group efforts, correct estimation of specific circumstances, fairness, empathy and appreciation toward fellow workers, effective communications skills and an absence of unconstructive or ill-considered criticism.

In keeping with these job requirements, Asentria utilizes application forms, interview procedures and pre-employment non-medical testing regimens that will assist the company to determine whether applicants possess the skills, competency and above personal attributes necessary to meet the company’s performance standards. Applicants for Sales Engineer undergo such screening procedures.

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