Case Study – Keeping Networks Online During Extreme Weather Conditions


Arguably the most critical time to keep a cellular network up and running is during an emergency situation like extreme weather or a natural disaster.  This is not only when problems are most likely to occur, but also the time when fixing problems takes the most time, has the highest cost, and could be risky or impossible to accomplish. It is during emergency situations that cell site automation, not just simple alarming, is most important. Asentria has decades of experience creating solutions that allow a mobile network operator’s remote sites to be as “hardened” as possible for any situation.

A regional mobile network operator (MNO) in the Great Plains region of the United States came to Asentria looking for an inexpensive and simple solution to help assist in keeping their network online during extreme weather conditions. From flooding to blizzards to tornadoes this region of the United States is struck by extreme weather conditions on a regular basis. This MNO had invested greatly in backup power solutions like generators and batteries, but was finding that they had little visibility into how ready these backup power solutions were to handle a power outage or other crisis.

Customer at a Glance

  • Industry: Telecom, Mobile Network Operator
  • Location: North America, Great Plains
  • Network size: 500+ sites

Project at a Glance

  • No of sites: ~10 to start
  • Project duration (# of days): 6 months in service
  • Installed products: SiteBoss340
  • Included services: Installation & Configuration, Systems Integration
  • Solutions: Power System Management, Generator Management
  • Main Benefit: Site visibility and control to improve network resilience and reduce costs.

Download our free case study that provides additional details about keeping networks online during extreme weather:

case study keeping networks online during extreme weather conditions

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