White Paper – Legacy Alarming for Telecom Sites


Although the use of smart IP or serial devices in telecom sites is on the rise, legacy alarms such as contact closures or analog inputs are still widely used in most sites. In many cases these legacy alarms are gathered by base station equipment. As the base station technology ages and needs to be replaced with newer radio technology, it is a substantial additional cost to port over alarms from this old or obsolete equipment. There are significant costs to change out the older alarm methods for newer ones, limiting these old sites’ ability to implement new smart alarming or telecom site automation solutions.

This document will go over some of the most common legacy alarming solutions that Asentria has implemented and show how Asentria has limited the labor, time, and cost of porting over legacy alarms to the SiteBoss. 

Topics Covered

  • Supporting Standard I/O Cards and Custom Alarm Blocks
  • Quickly Port Over Alarms with an Asentria 16C Expansion Card
  • Customized Cable for Standard RJ-21 Alarm Block
  • Integrating to an Existing Network Management Systems
  • Legacy Alarming Examples (MNO and Utility Telecom Network)

A Preview Inside the White Paper

Download the white paper to learn more about modernizing  legacy alarming for multiple types of telecom network base stations.

asentria legacy alarming white paper mockup

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