The ROI on Telecom Site Automation Solutions Checklist


The ROI on telecom site automation (TSA) solutions comes from savings within two main categories: network resilience and network efficiency. Most TSA applications will lead to savings in either network resilience, efficiency, or both. The solutions are modular, so not every installation includes all the parts described in the checklist. One significant advantage of having a modular solution is how you can extend the initial purpose of the SiteBoss site solution for other uses. We found most customers expanding the use of their SiteBoss after gaining more knowledge on the power of the site automation solutions. Calculating the exact savings will depend on variables like the amount paid for electricity, how truck rolls are valued, or what is considered the cost per minute of network downtime. Regardless of those exact values, you can gain ROI in the following ways outlined in our checklist.

What’s in the Checklist?

  • 14 categories of the most savings on telecom site automation.
  • A list of multiple applications and the specific category of savings.
  • Checkboxes for you to mark and indentfy which application you will be using.
  • Concluding worksheet to help you estimate the ROI on implementing telecom site automation solution.

Download your free ROI Checklist to determine all telecom site automation applications that will impact savings, resilience, and efficiency of your network.

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