Telecom Site Automation – Applications Overview Guide


Asentria SiteBoss products are Linux-based hardware appliances designed to manage and automate
remote telecom communication sites to improve the resilience and efficiency of the network. The
SiteBoss products are a category of products that we refer to as telecom site automation that have
evolved from doing simple alarming, to monitoring, controlling, or getting remote or out-of-band
access to underlying devices or sensors at the telecom site.

Topics Covered

  • Difference between “Southbound” vs “Northbound” issues.
  • What is Telecom Site Normalization.
  • List of power, physical security, environmental, networking, legacy alarm applications.
  • 4 pages of examples of integrated (“Southbound”) devices.

Download our Applications Overview Guide to learn more about how our hardware appliances can increase the resilience and efficiency of your network.

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