Telecom Sites Power Control & Management


Power issues are the most fundamental item that network operators need to monitor and manage at remote sites. The ability to remotely monitor and reboot equipment contributes to both network resilience and network efficiency. Effective monitoring of various power-related sub-systems (AC meters, generators, DC rectifiers, batteries, fuel cells, solar arrays, or other newer hybrid power systems) can give a complete picture of power-related issues at a site. This allows for better troubleshooting and reduced downtime of the network due to power-related faults. Automation, like an immediate reboot of malfunctioning DC or AC powered equipment at a remote site, reduces network downtime and also saves a costly truck roll.

This white paper report provides details of the leading cause of telecom power outages, and the benefits of more advanced cell site automation applications involving power management.

Topics Covered

  • The leading cause of telecom site power outages in different geographic regions of the world.
  • Methods to reduce the impact on a telecom network caused by power outages.
  • Reducing costs of operating a communication network with automation.
  • Dispatching service personnel less often, and with valuable data regarding what problems they may encounter once they reach the site.

A Preview Inside the White Paper

Download the white paper to learn more about the preparing your network for power outages caused by weather, unreliable AC grid, and theft.

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