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Improving Cell Site Monitoring & Management

Mobile network operators are Asentria’s largest and most developed set of customers when it comes to cell site monitoring. We have a number of projects that are for thousands of sites and two that are for more than ten thousand sites. More information on those cell site monitoring projects can be found in our case studies.

Solutions we provide for Mobile Network Operators

Power – Generator/ATS Control

The SiteBoss can centralize control and management of generators across all makes and models. We can provide operational data on fuel levels, detect fuel theft, and remotely or autonomously start and stop the generator. Application examples include remotely exercising all generators to search for generators that fail to start prior to hurricane landfall, continually measuring diesel in a storm’s aftermath to prioritize re-fueling, or checking on backhaul availability to determine whether there is value in running the generator or not. More complex automation can be created to extend site life when site is running on diesel fuel.

Environment – HVAC

The SiteBoss can perform as a direct HVAC controller across all HVAC makes and models. This allows for large amounts of telemetry data to be gathered centrally, enabling identification of outliers or network-wide tuning of HVAC set points. Automation involving HVAC can also be created with its universal HVAC control management system.

Access – Fiber or Wireless Connections

If no Ethernet connection is available at a site, the SiteBoss can be configured to include a variety of wireless or fiber interfaces.

Security – Door Access Control/Cameras

SiteBoss can provide door access control and security cameras and integration. Access control for cell sites can be configured with control options to manage multiple Wiegand readers and door strikes. In a small SiteBoss deployment the user credentials can be managed manually using the SiteBoss web UI.

Power Systems Control – DC Reboot

Asentria has a wide range of DC reboot products to reboot DC devices. This function is most often built into new cabinet deployments, or retrofitted into sites that are particularly distant where it is worth trying to reboot equipment prior to doing a service visit.

The two most common applications are listed below. The SiteBoss can switch 10A, 30A, 60A, and 90A circuits (@ 48V) depending on configuration.


Additional Ethernet Ports

More “smart” controllers are being added to sites and site routers don’t have the physical ports to accommodate them. The SiteBoss adds additional Ethernet ports for expansion at the site.

Legacy Alarm Applications

Asentria can provide support as an upgrade path for legacy alarms. Asentria can create custom cables or adapters to enable an easy way to move legacy contact alarms to our device. The SiteBoss can simplify the removal of legacy devices by taking over these alarms with a minimum of new cabling.

Applications Overview

View more technical details in our Applications Overview Guide as all those functions are being performed within our base of mobile network operator customers.

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