Public Safety Networks

Public Safety networks face a somewhat set of challenges due to criticality of the infrastructure. These networks don’t typically consist of as many radio sites as a mobile operator’s network, so the benefits aren’t as great from seeking power efficiency, though that is a useful side benefit. In these networks Asentria is likely to do the most complete solutions related to site security. Another priority is automation to extend the life of the site during a crisis.

Asentria products can be used in public safety networks similarly to any other network.

Key Benefits for Towercos

Security – Door Access Control/Cameras

SiteBoss can provide door access control and security cameras and integration. Modern telecom site automation solutions can work with most modern IP based cameras, allowing for a very wide choice in the functions and costs of the cameras used.

Power – Generator/ATS Control

The SiteBoss can centralize control and management of generators across all makes and models. We can provide operational data on fuel levels, detect fuel theft, and remotely or autonomously start and stop the generator. Application examples include remotely exercising all generators to search for generators that fail to start prior to hurricane landfall, measuring diesel after a storm event to prioritize re-fueling, or checking on backhaul availability to determine whether to run generator or not. Automation can be created to extend site life when site is running on diesel fuel.

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