Asentria Site Manager Software

Centralized Site Monitoring and Control

Asentria Site Manager (ASM) is a software tool developed by Asentria to increase the functionality of a network of SiteBoss units, and make management of a network of Asentria SiteBoss units easier. The SiteBoss is a telecom site automation hardware appliance for managing power, security, and environment at telecom sites. The SiteBoss appliance is very capable by itself for managing individual telecom sites. Once larger numbers of SiteBoss units are deployed, it is often better that the units are managed by a centralized software. ASM was designed to help manage large numbers of SiteBoss units, as well as provide new applications that are possible from a centralized software. ASM is available both as an on-premise software, or as a hosted solution.

ASM laptop mockup


ASM simplifies the management of networks of SiteBoss units, and enables a platform for brand new functionality and applications.

Site Technician

  • Upload or download settings easily.  Update units in mass and on a schedule.
  • Easy view of site health.
  • Site visibility for troubleshooting.

NOC Manager

  • Simple view of network-wide site health. Easy view of site health.
  • Actionable data during crisis situations (e.g., Reboot, Diesel Refueling).
  • Simplify integration with other software.


  • Actionable Data for Comparing Sites.
  • Reduce MTTR
  • Improve Network Efficiency


  • Operations View (Map View, Events View, Summary View) to locate and select sites on a map or list.
  • Organization of all units into an easy to navigate tree view. Units can also be grouped for quick visibility.
  • Configuration management that provides the ability to do mass updates of firmware and settings across networks of SiteBoss units.
  • Physical site access and security to manage door access control at remote telecom sites.
  • Mobile browser support allowing operations personnel the ability to view site status while on the road.
remote site monitoring system
telecom tower equipment

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