Integrate your Cellsite Infrastructure Systems into the SiteBoss

In some cases custom integration work is needed  in order to develop the functions or scripts needed to take control of the site equipment.  Asentria provides extensive integration services.   Significant amounts of integration may be provided at the beginning of a project as pre-sales support to create a successful trial.   Asentria Application Engineers will work during a trial to integrate “southbound” to whatever site equipment is available for a SiteBoss to be interfaced to, as well as work to integrate the SiteBoss “northbound” to any available operational software that may be running already within a network operator’s infrastructure.

The following diagram illustrates some of the many integration actions that may need to be taken so that the SiteBoss can communicate with your cellsite infrastructure systems.  Most of the integration work you will require has already been done by us for other customers, but if you have something new then we will provide integration services to customize the SiteBoss to talk to and control your site equipment infrastructure.

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Custom Integration Services
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