Additional Services

Asentria offers a wide range of additional services beyond hardware, software, and accessories. Training, engineering, and manufacturing services are also available. Services can be customized to match your specific project. Asentria has many years of providing logistics and supply chain support to create successful projects. Most larger projects involve one or more of the following services.

Training Services

Training services are customized for your specific training needs and available either in a classroom or field site environment, at a location within the customer’s facilities or at Asentria office in Seattle. Training programs are tailored to match the customer’s specific usage of the SiteBoss and related products.

Engineering Services

Asentria can provide specific engineering services, including specialized hardware and software design to meet the needs of specific projects. The SiteBoss software and hardware design teams are in housed in the same building, enabling rapid changes to be made to the SiteBoss units. Many of the hardware and software features within our current products are a direct result of what our customers have asked for in the past and some entire products were designed to meet the needs of specific customers.

Manufacturing Services

Asentria has a wide-range of manufacturing abilities. Asentria offers simplification of logistics involved in large deployments of our equipment.   Asentria designs the units, builds them, and can determine exactly how the units are delivered to customer sites. Asentria can help locate and source particular peripheral devices for customers. In larger deployments individual units are often packaged with individual accessories or customized instructions. We have done varying degrees of OEM delivery of our products in the past as well, from simply labeling products in a co-branded fashion, to complete OEM products with no mention of Asentria anywhere on labels, documentation, or software.

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