SiteBoss Site Controller

What is a SiteBoss?

siteboss controller family

(The SiteBoss Controller Family)

The SiteBoss appliance is an intelligent telecom site automation device for improving the efficiency and resilience of telecom sites and networks. The SiteBoss simplifies and centralizes all the data from a wide range of different makes and models of equipment and sensors at your site, giving visibility and control of those systems.

The SiteBoss has a modular design to cost-effectively interface to ANY combination of power, security, and environmental sub-systems you have at a remote telecom site. The SiteBoss is easy to set up and work with and uses open protocols like SNMP, RESTful API, browser-based UI, and user-accessible scripting languages. The SiteBoss family is based on 30 years of Asentria solutions to specific customer needs, including multiple projects of over 10,000 units.

Key Features


SiteBoss units are a new class of telecom site products, going far beyond simple monitoring.


A family of appliances, supporting over 40 interface cards. Will fit any telecom site now and in the future.


Simple ways to configure multiple units and an intuitive web UI.


Backed by Asentria’s support and engineering team.

On-board Options and Expansion Cards

siteboss onboard expansion cards

Asentria Expansion Cards are available to be added to most SiteBoss units. Expansion Cards give great flexibility to match what a site currently needs and to give flexibility in the future if the site needs change. There are over 40 cards available, which offers a broad mix of contacts, analogs, relays, and power outputs, as well as communication hardware like Ethernet switches, fiber connections, wireless modems, Wiegand (door access control), HVAC thermostat replacement, and ModBus and other serial communication types.

The SiteBoss Can Meet Any Site Monitoring Challenge

For years telecom operators have used appliances to do basic monitoring of contact closure alarms. A SiteBoss unit goes far beyond simple monitoring to allow telecom site automation. Integration is possible from a SiteBoss to a wide range of telecom site devices: AC and DC power meters, rectifiers, generators, fuel level sensors, automatic transfer switches (ATS), UPS, IP cameras, GPS, microwave controllers, RFID card readers, door locks, tower light controllers, VSWR meters, HVAC controllers, weather sensors, and more. Once integrated to these devices a large number of possible automated process are available. One example would be automated exercising of large numbers of diesel generators prior to a storm, or suppression of generator exercising during times of poor air quality.

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