Legacy Alarm Support

Integrate Existing Alarm Infrastructure

Asentria can provide support as an upgrade path for legacy alarms at telecom sites. Asentria has made hardware for telecom sites for over 30 years and monitoring simple site alarms was a traditional use of our products. Typically this function was to take contact closures from different devices or sensors, and convert that data to the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) messaging to deliver alarms from remote telecom sites to the network operations center (NOC). Slightly more complex applications might require that in addition to contact closures, that we would measure analog thresholds for possible alarms, or would allow for output relays to control something at a remote site (eg. Audible siren).

It is common for legacy alarms to have been terminated within a telecom site to a type of punch block within a telecom shelter. These termination blocks are commonly known as 66, 110, or Krone blocks. Specialized cables would then run from those alarm blocks to some intelligent device for site alarming.  In more recent years, some of the devices that were formerly used to interface to these terminal blocks are becoming obsolete and being replaced. It was common, for example, for these alarms to be terminated directly to older 2G and 3G BTS transceivers, or to older RTU’s (eg. Badger RTU’s) that might not have modern network support.

Asentria has created custom cables and adapters to enable an easy way to move legacy contact, analog, and output relays from the old method of termination to the SiteBoss. In certain specialized cases we’ve created custom cables for specific customers to reduce the cost of having to re-cable a site. Once connected to the SiteBoss, all of the wide-range of available features of the SiteBoss are available to create new telecom site automation solutions.

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