Power Systems Control

Power Systems Management

Monitor and control your site power systems using the many versatile options available through the SiteBoss:

Battery Monitoring Systems

Gather data from battery monitoring systems and combine it with other data to create a single view and control of power conditions at a site.

DC Current Monitoring

Measure DC currents on circuits through use of current transformers.

AC Power Monitoring

Integrate to most power meters.  A common use is billing of AC charges in a multi-tenant site for tower operators.

AC Power Sensing

Sense presence or absence of current on a 120V/240V AC circuit.

DC Rectifier Integration

Access and gather data from DC rectifier “smart controller”.

Hybrid Power Systems

Interface to and gather data from hybrid systems to create a single view and control of power conditions at a site.

Load Shedding

Shut-off DC circuits to extend site life when AC power is lost.


Control DC/AC Power Remotely

The power control options of the SiteBoss includes the ability to directly reboot or shutdown DC circuits. The two most common applications are listed below. The SiteBoss can switch 10A, 30A, 60A, and 90A circuits (@ 48V) depending on configuration.

DC Reboot

This application most commonly involves a wireless modem as well. If the primary communications path to the site is disrupted, the wireless modem can be used as an alternate out-of-band method of communicating to the site. Troubleshooting can occur over this connection via the SiteBoss, and devices (eg. Microwave) can be re-booted to re-establish primary communication and prevent a truck roll.


This application most often involves the SiteBoss detecting a loss of AC power to the site, and taking independent action to reduce power usage at the site by shutting down controlled equipment at the site.

AC Reboot

The SiteBoss can be integrated to intelligent AC PDU’s to control them through the SiteBoss interface or via semi-autonomous scripts or other application functions.

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