Ensure your Remote Sites are Secure

Shelter security monitoring requires more than just a door sensor.  Without full security control of your shelter, vandals and thieves can have their way with your site resulting in damage which may not be known about until a crisis causes the site to fail. A simple example is diesel fuel theft with no knowledge of the low fuel condition until the generator fails to start when needed.

The SiteBoss security monitoring capabilities go beyond typical door, motion, vibration detection and include full security system controls with monitoring zones, keypad and other disarm options, and siren control and alerts.  Utilize the SiteBoss to keep your shelter secure!

Wiegand Keypad Support – Use standard keypads for security disarming.

LCD control panel – Used for disarming and other site control and status functions.

Disarm Buttons/Switches – Hidden controls can also disarm the site.

Multiple security zones – For special sites requiring extra security.

Indoor/Outdoor Door Sensors – Simple monitoring of doors opening and closing.

IR Motion Detectors – Monitoring of motion within or outside a site.

Vibration Sensors – Detect intrusion attempts before they get inside.

Security Camera Integration

The SiteBoss can integrate with IP security cameras to collect images from motion events and then to send alerts and email thumbnails back to the NOC or elsewhere. This reduced the bandwidth consumed on the wireless or engineering networks yet ensures that motion events don’t go unnoticed.

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