Site Access Control

Access Control for Cell Sites

Most access control management systems expect you have one or a few sites each with many doors. In a cell site network you have 100s or 1000s of sites each with one door. Thus, access control for cell sites require unique control features not offered by normal access control systems.

In addition to all its other monitoring and control features, the SiteBoss can be configured with control options to manage multiple Wiegand readers and door strikes. In a small SiteBoss deployment the user credentials can be managed manually using the SiteBoss web UI.

But what about a deployment of 100s or 1000s of sites? In this case you pair the SiteBoss with Asentria Site Manager (ASM), which is a stand-alone client/server software system which, among other things, allows you to manage all aspects of large scale cell site access control. You can establish 1000s of sites, 1000s of users, and dozens of schedules. You can assign RFID cards to users and then can assign users to sites based on a series of defined access rules. Using the SiteBoss and ASM you can implement tight access control for your cell site network.

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