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SiteBoss® 340 S340

SiteBoss 340

Reliable Management for Critical Mobile Generator and Mobile Cell Sites

The S340 is a small low cost site controller. It is a versatile and powerful system used for monitoring and control of equipment sites. This is a high powered full function SiteBoss designed for locations with Ethernet communication availability. The S340 has a built in RS-485 serial port which is ideal for monitoring and controlling Modbus capable devices. The S340 can be used in remote cabinets or enclosures, from small cabinet locations up to large walk-in enclosures as well as server equipment locations. This device supports environmental monitoring, power monitoring from both AC and DC sources, generator fuel levels, fuse panels, and monitoring of inherently non-SNMP type equipment such as HVAC, UPS, etc. The device also supports remote access to equipment via an Ethernet connection.

Featured Benefits

  • Based on powerful Linux operating system
  • Base unit supports (1) RS-232 serial and (1) Ethernet port
  • A Standard base unit has (1) RS-485 Serial Modbus port for easy integration with on-site equipment.
  • Specifically integrated with 3rd party sensors
  • Supports (1) Asentria Sensor port: (1) ES/ESJ port
  • DC power supply either -48VDC or 10 to 15VDC option


  • LUA scripting language
  • Easy to understand MIB works well with third-party SNMP Managers
  • Compatible with NetBoss®, ProVision®, HP Openview®, Spectrum®, Intermapper®, Nagios®, SNMPc®, Netcool®, TrapServer®, SilverStorm Technologies, SitePortal, SolarWinds®, and all other SNMP-based network management systems
  • Supports Asentria Setting Key functionality
  • Web interface for easy configuration
  • Send SNMP, SMS, and Email alarms

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