Environmental Monitoring

Monitor Your Remote Site Environmental Factors

Using the SiteBoss you can monitor all important environmental variables within a cabinet or equipment room. Left unattended, any of these conditions can potentially cause catastrophic failure of equipment at a remote site.


Monitor temperature via Asentria’s own pre-calibrated sensors (EventSensor™ and SensorJack™)


Monitor for presence of smoke. Uses Asentria-provided smoke detector.


Monitor for presence of water. Uses Asentria-provided water sensor.


Monitor for presence or absence of airflow. Uses Asentria-provided airflow sensor.

Carbon Monoxide

Monitor for presence or absence of carbon monoxide.

Hydrogen Sensors

Monitor for presence of hydrogen with specialized sensors.

Tower Lights

Interface to specialized tower light monitoring systems.

Weather Stations

Interface to specialized weather stations to get local conditions at a telecom site. Weather sensors include wind speed and direction, barometric pressure using analog voltage and current sensors, temperature and humidity sensors as well as a full ultrasonic weather station.

remote site monitoring system
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