Radio and TV

Elevating Broadcast Network Operators

Asentria products can help in a number of primary ways for radio and tv broadcast network operators, so applications shown in our Mobile Network Operator section may also apply.

Primary Solutions for Radio/TV Network Broadcast Companies

Power – Generator/ATS Control

The SiteBoss can centralize control and management of generators across all makes and models. We can provide operational data on fuel levels, detect fuel theft, and remotely or autonomously start and stop the generator. Application examples include remotely exercising all generators to search for generators that fail to start prior to hurricane landfall, measuring diesel after a storm event to prioritize re-fueling, or checking on backhaul availability to determine whether to run generator or not. Automation can be created to extend site life when site is running on diesel fuel.

Access – Fiber or Wireless Connections

If no Ethernet connection is available at a site, the SiteBoss can be configured to include a variety of wireless or fiber interfaces.

Power – AC Reboot

Integration to other intelligent AC PDU’s to reboot AC powered equipment at remote sites.

Network – Legacy Alarm Applications

Asentria can provide support as an upgrade path for legacy alarms. Asentria can create custom cables or adapters to enable an easy way to move legacy contact alarms to our device. The SiteBoss can simplify the removal of legacy devices by taking over these alarms with a minimum of new cabling.

Applications Overview

Check the Applications Overview Guide as any of those functions could be used by a radio/tv network broadcast operator.

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