Company Overview

Who We Are

Asentria Corporation enables more reliable and cost-effective telecom networks by providing telecom site automation solutions for mobile networks, towers, and other telecom operators to manage power, security, and environmental issues at remote sites. Telecom sites are evolving to include many new intelligent subsystem controllers for DC rectifiers, generators, cameras, access controllers, and HVAC. Asentria securely integrates these sub-systems or older legacy systems into our site controller appliance to present a single web interface for management of power, security, and environment at remote sites.

Beyond simple alarming, Asentria hardware can generate telemetry data for comparative site analysis and provides remote access to the underlying systems via RESTful API for OPEX reducing cell site optimizations. Examples include HVAC control for energy savings, switching power sources between generators and batteries to extend site life in the event of a power outage, or directly interfacing diesel fuel levels or maintenance data to OSS systems to automate work orders for service visits.

Asentria is a 30-year-old company based in Seattle, Washington, and has multiple hardware deployments of 10000 or greater sites in the largest mobile network operators worldwide.

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