Sensors & Accessories

The Right Monitoring Sensors for your Application

Asentria offers a representative mix of 3rd party hardware that is commonly integrated to our base SiteBoss unit. Examples include: environmental monitoring sensors like smoke detectors, water sensors, and weather stations, power peripherals like AC meters and current transformers, and security peripherals like RFID door access controllers and IP cameras. We offer a mix of these for trial purposes, but after proving the concept will often source whatever 3rd party device best suits a project. Supporting projects with supply chain management and logistics is an Asentria specialty.

Another advantage of working with Asentria is that we will first consider the use of any existing sensors in a site. We have done integrations to over 60 common rectifier, HVAC, and generator controllers, AC meters, current sensors, environmental sensors, RFID door access controllers, cameras, and other peripherals. We consider these integrations central to the value we provide. If your project requires integration to certain preferred or existing equipment, let us know.

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