Case Study: Increasing Network Resilience and Efficiency for 18K Sites for a US Mobile Network Operator


The customer is a North American mobile network operator with remote cabinet sites implemented nationwide. Their plan was to build a very large network, deploying Asentria’s devices as the network itself was deployed. It was a cabinet solution, so Asentria’s products were designed to be integrated into cabinets in an integration facility before being sent to individual locations for deployment. The client’s main interest was in Asentria’s ability to do DC reboot and provide cellular wireless out-of-band coverage.

Customer at a Glance

  • Industry: Telecom – Mobile Network Operator
  • Location: USA
  • Network size: 40,000 sites

Project at a Glance

  • No of sites: 18,000 at peak
  • Project duration (# of days): 4 years
  • Installed products: SiteBoss S571
  • Included services: Software Integration and Hardware Development
  • Main Benefit: Remote and out-of-band access to cabinet locations via wireless modems.  DC reboot ability. If backhaul is lost, out-of-band connectivity allows for an ability to troubleshoot and reboot.

Download our free case study that provides substantial technical details as to specifically how the project was accomplished:

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